Hello Christine Mulgrew.

Hi my name is Syed Boston and I am a new student here at your school Waterloo Road I don't know much

about the teachers and I would like to do my research first and it will prove that your not racist because I am actually a Muslim. What is it like at waterloo road? if I got in trouble what you would you do? because sometimes I can be a trouble maker. but really at heart I am a really good boy I am nineteen years of age and I go to your school. Christine I need to tell you that I am really gay I can not hide it in so It that ok with you?

Christine I used to be in EastEnders I did like it in there but when my family found out that I was sleeping with

someone else that was a man they threw me out of the house and their lives my brother stood up for himself

he said I think it was brave for me to come out and say that I was with a man I would like to know what the

teachers get up too as well and what year I will be in will I be in a special unit or not?

From Syed Boston (New Student at Waterloo Road)