Tom Clarkson
Tom Clarkson


Tom Clarkson




Former English Teacher, Head of Pastoral Care & Deputy Head.


[Editor's note:] Lizzie Kerr is an absolute retard, who would definitely not be allowed in Tom Clarkson's English class, or any English class in the entire English speaking world. She needs to go back to school and restart her entire education.

'Tom Clarkson we having party at my house this weekend can bring your deputy head teachers over at 46 tulle street Greystone road warwick road C A 1 2 b a CUMBRIA Carlisle my name is LIZZIE KERR down straight we having party downstairs in the living room I will get my cd player down ok and my cd s I thinking we will go to the shopping ok Christine MULGREW go in her car get some party food ok I will or right we will enjoy it yes we are have so fun yes oh yeah we will have great time this weekend together yes I will sleep downstairs yes okay I will right we have to line down on the floor yes ok simple covers and pillow yes okay let us do it then it s like sleepover yes it dose MRS MULGREW take us to the cinema yes we are going to see titanic yes we are going to see it buy us so tickets okay I will right take seat right and next we will go to the concert yes good idea yes we will go to see Elton john yes okay and after we will go over to the x factor stand on the sage yes to song for our band we call this band barber okay I will enjoy it I will we will song is ETTA JOHN at last are you sure about this yes I will ok I hope you enjoy it thank you so much its ok trust take your time ok I promise okay I will do I think am beautiful yes you are good luck love form tom Clarkson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx