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The Kelly Family is the family of many main characters in Waterloo Road.

Members Edit

  • Rose Kelly - Mother - Rose Kelly has risen from an irresponsible, alcoholic mother to a hard-working dinnerlday at Waterloo Road. She is the mother of the Kelly family.
  • Marley Kelly - Oldest Brother - Marley is a student at Waterloo Road and is in a committed relationship with Flick Mellor. He is a successful and intelligent student.
  • Earl Kelly - Brother - Earl Kelly was featured in episodes 1 - 8 of series 4, but is now in prison for murdering former girlfriend Maxine Barlow. He was a student at the school.
  • Sambuca Kelly - Sister- Sambuca is a popular girl and member of the school choir. She briefly lived with Matt Wilding after he became her foster carer. She passed away in series 7 episode six.
  • Denzil Kelly - Younger Brother - Denzil is a year 10 student, who was in jail from episode 2 - 9 of series 4 after he was caught in possession of Earl's gun. He passed away in the car crash that happened when the school moved to Scotland. 
  • Prince Kelly - Baby Brother - Prince is not seen much in the series, aged 2-4 is brothers to Denzil.

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