Waterloo Road Stevo


Steve-O Malone

Portrayed by: Jody Latham

Introduced in Series 8 Episode 23 and departs in Series 8 Episode 26.

He was introduced as Dynasty Barry's boyfriend who recently got out of jail.

It came to look like even Barry Barry was scared of him.

Steve-O and DynastyEdit

Steve-O visits Waterloo road wanting to take Dynasty away. He then realises that she is bored of all his crimes.

He was dressed up as a computer delivery guy and had sex with Dynasty in one of the storage cupboards he then went on to steal some of the schools new laptops. Dynasty then dumped him once she found out. After that, he raped her.

Steve-O and KevinEdit

After Dynasty dumped him, he saw her and kissing Kevin and then attacked Kevin and told him to keep away from Dynasty

Broke into his house

Attemped to shoot Kevin after Kevin planned on killing him

Steve-O and ConnorEdit

After Connor finished paying money to Barry for the car he bought he then had to pay the rest of the money to Steve-O.

He broke into Connors house and sold most of things, Mr Byrne then paid of the debt but Steve-O still had Connor and Imogens wedding certificate and continued to bribe Connor and Imogen with it

Steve-O and RobinEdit

Kacey dislikes Steve-O and thinks he is a bad influence

Steve-O pulls down her trousers when she reveals she wants to be a boy