Stephanie (Steph) Haydock was a French teacher and head of pastoral care at Waterloo Road school and was portrayed by Denise Welch.

Steph is a prime character in the show some of her most memorable moments are - 

an on off relasionship with Jack,

adopting Maxine Barlow,

becoming head of pastoral care,

nearley getting fired due to spilling on davina in the brett and davina scandal.

Personal StorylineEdit

Series OneEdit

Episode OneEdit

Steph gets very drunk at Tom’s and Lorna’s wedding and dances with her boss, Jack Rimmer.

Episode TwoEdit

Steph dies her hair blonde in an attempt to attract Jack. She asks him to attend a restaurant with him. He grudgingly agrees but she is oblivious to his confusion. She flirts with him at the restaurant and is ignorant of Jack’s awkwardness. Thinking he has gone to the lavatory, Steph enters the gentlemens’ and flirts with who she thinks is Jack through the cubicle door. Having been to the bar, Jack enters the toilets, bewildered. He then pulls her into a cubicle.