The main cast from Series 5

The Fifth Series of Waterloo Road first aired on Sunday 25th October on BBC One Scotland, and will air in the rest of the UK on BBC One on Wednesday 28th October, at 8pm. It takes place on the first day of term, after the events of the last episode of the fourth series, with around one hundred new pupils and six new teachers joining the school after another school, John Fosters, closes down. The school has been rebuilt after Ralph Mellor knocked it down. In addition to the new cast, several cast members have left before this series, most notably Neil Morrisey, who does not appear in this series.

There are several new characters in the fifth series of Waterloo Road. The series will be 20 episodes long and was shot in High Definition.

Synopsis Edit


It’s all change at Waterloo Road, the school has been merged with local private school John Fosters after it was forced to close when wealthy parents could no longer afford the fees. As a result around a hundred new pupils are enrolled at Waterloo Road and neither the “scuzzy” Waterloo Road kids nor the “posh” John Fosters pupils are happy about it.

The playground divisions are echoed in the staffroom as many of the old John Fosters team have been ushered in to ensure the smooth transition much to the annoyance of the existing staff. Amongst them are Christopher Mead, an ex city boy turned science teacher and now the Deputy Head; Ruby Fry the food technology teacher who is every bit as snobby as her pupils; and a new Head of Languages, Jo Lipsett whose enthusiasm and competence spells trouble for the hapless Steph. The biggest rivalry however seems to be between Rachel Mason and Executive Head Max Tyler played by Tom Chambers.  

When lessons are disrupted by a fight between Michaela White and new girl Lindsay James, the tensions soon engulf the whole school with both sets of pupils waging war on the playground, leaving new English teacher, Helen Hopewell injured and unable to cope with the psychological pressure, after Michaela accidentally punches her while fighting Lindsay. All the teachers manage to calm the situation down and send all the combatants over to the cooler, but Rachel has some devastating news for Lindsay and her little sister Em. Their father is dead and their mother, Marion has confessed to his murder.

Meanwhile, Max tends to the combatants of the brawl in the cooler. He informs them that they will be detained every lunchtime for the next week and must each write an essay explaining why schools have rules in place, and that anyone who fails to deliver will be excluded. Devastated by the two violent incidents she has witnessed, Helen throws herself down a staircase, and is taken to hospital, claiming to Max that Michaela pushed her. Max then drops his own bombshell on Rachel, insisting that after today's events there is no way he can leave her in charge and informs her that he intends to be permanently based at the school.

New Teachers Edit

Tom Chambers is Max Tyler - The new, determined Executive Head Teacher.

Elizebeth Berrington is Ruby Fry - The new food technology teacher.

Vinette Robinson is Helen Hopewell - A 23 year old English teacher.

Sarah Jane Potts is Jo Lipsett - The new Head of Languages, and Steph's sucessor and boss.

William Ash is Christopher Mead - Rachel Mason's deputy.

Teachers Leaving Edit

  • Eddie Lawson has left after forty episodes.
  • Matt Wilding, former music teacher, has also left.
  • Jasmine Koreshi, English Teacher, has left.
  • Andrew Treneman will may be returning for Series 5.

Pupils Leaving Edit

  • Janeece Bryant, Chlo Granger and Donte Charles have gone to university. This marks the first series in which these three will not be appearing.
  • Flick Mellor and Marley Kelly have also left.

Characters Leaving during Series Five Edit


  • Steph Haydock will leave in Series 5 but will dip in to do 2 episodes in series ^.
  • Kim Campbell will also be leaving at some point during the run of Series 5.
  • Rachel Mason will leave right at the end of the series (Her replacement as Head will be Karen Fisher, played by Amanda Burton.)

Series Five Promo Edit

Waterloo Road Series 5 Advert Preview

Waterloo Road Series 5 Advert Preview

The advert for Waterloo Road's 5th Series

Air Date Edit

The airdate was expected to be in September, before 28th October was confirmed. The first episode was shown on the 25th October in Scotland. The first ten episodes will run until December 30th. After this, there will be a break. Assuming the date will be the same length as the previous 2 mid-season breaks (one from March 1 - 29, 2007 in Series 2, and another from December 13, 2007 - January 10, 2008 in Series 3), episodes 11 - 20 should run from January 27, 2010 - March 31, 2010. However, the break could be shorter than 4 weeks.

Reminder: Series 5 of Waterloo Road begins on BBC ONE, Wednesday 28th October 2009, and will be availabe for several weeks afterwards on the BBC iPlayer.

Series Spoilers Edit

Once again, SPOILERS are in this next section.

These are just other scraps of information from which you cand draw your own conclusions.

  • Kim Campbell's office as Head of Pastoral Care will be heavily featured in the next series.
  • The Sixth Form Common Room will alse be heavily featured.
  • Rachel was still the Head Teacher in the last episode of the series, but won't be in Series 6 Episode 1.
  • Bolton Smilie is accused of rape in episode two.
  • The front of the school has been rebuilt (see the background of the first image below)

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