Cast of WR series 1

The Main Staff in Series 1

The first episode of Waterloo Road was broadcast on 9 March 2006, having been filmed the previous autumn. Characters included headmaster Jack Rimmer, deputy head Andrew Treneman and pastoral care teacher Kim Campbell. It consisted of 8 episodes.


A common theme throughout Series One was the threat of the school's closure by the governors owing to a lack of pupils and the bad publicity it had been receiving prior to Jack's appointment as headmaster. Rimmer, formerly deputy head, became headmaster when the previous head Brian Vasey had a nervous breakdown after 30 years at the school.

Other storylines included the death of pupil Adam Deardon in a car crash. Donte Charles blamed himself for Deardon's death and was remanded into custody. The series also focused upon the behaviour of troubled pupil Lewis Seddon, culminating in his engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviour towards teacher Kim Campbell. Another important theme of the series was the break-up of Tom and Lorna Clarkson's short-lived marriage, Tom ended the marriage when he found out the Lorna had aborted their baby, from the start we see that Tom doesn't love Lorna no more infact he loves their best friend Izzie Redpath. Izzie and Tom get together at the end whilst leaving Lorna hurt and angry at the both of them. The LEA's decision is to keep Waterloo Road open.

The final moments of the series see Lorna taking a step towards the edge of a canal whilst the rest of the teachers celebrate in the pub.


Series 1 had 8 episodes.

Episode 1 (60 Minutes)

Episode 2 (60 Minutes)

Epiosde 3 (60 Minutes)

Episode 4 (60 Minutes)

Episode 5 (60 Minutes)

Episode 6 (60 Minutes)

Episode 7 (60 Minutes)

Epiosde 8 (60 Minutes)

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