Mika Grainger (portrayed by Lauren Drummond) was a student at Waterloo Road School. Her mother was Izzie Redpath, her father Jimmy Grainger and her sister Chlo Grainger.

Personal StorylineEdit

Series OneEdit

Despite being sister to Chlo (girlfriend of Donte Charles) she is a quiet character who is confused and interested when she see's her mother's realtionship with Tom Clarkson grow stronger. She was also in the house the night when Chlo left to go for a ride with Donte which led to a fatal car crash.

Series TwoEdit

In the first episode of the series Mika meets the new pupil, Brett. They hit it off but he soon becomes between her and her best friend Leigh-Ann Gollaway. Leigh-Ann becomes jealous of Mika and starts to vicoulsy bully her. So much so that Mika worries the school may see a topless picture of her. When she confides in Steph they become closer but Steph's plans to save her go very wrong. This forces Mika to confess to Tom and Izzie about the hate campaign.