Lorna Dickey was a English teacher at Waterloo Road in the First series up to the second, episode 10. She was Married to Tom and was going to have his baby till she aborted it. Tom broke up with her since he had realized that he has feelings for Lorna's friend- Izzie Redpath, a drama teacher at Waterloo Road. When Tom and Izzie were expecting their first child Izzie tragically had a miscarriage due to Lorna since Izzie and her have a argument and Izzie fell down. Lorna was still obsessed with Tom and is determined to ruin Tom and Izzie's relationship, however later realizes that she should just let the destiny of Izzie and Tom be. Lorna had already once attempted to commit suicide. Soon after she reunites Izzie and Tom and is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerois. Realizing that she is under to much stress and her illness to worry about on top of things she commits suicide.

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Lorna is stressed about her wedding to colleague, Tom Clarkson. At school he tells her it cannot go forward because he no longer loves her. Distraught and confused she seeks the help of her best friend and colleague, Izzie Redpath who tells her to go home and that she will interrogate Tom. Lorna returns home and repetitively rings Izzie. Eventually se gets through and is told that Tom feels he ahs lost the woman he fell in love with. When Tom gets home she has prepared a sexy night in and they make love. The wedding plans continue. On the day of their wedding, she happily dances with Tom, completely oblivious to the beginnings of an affaire with her best friend. At the honeymoon she reveals to Tom that he is to be the father of her child.