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Karen Fisher can you pick me up at 2 o clock ok I will I live 46 tulle street Greystone road warwick road C A 1 2 b a cumbria Carlisle LIZZIE KERR yes can you let me in please yes I can ok LIZZIE KERR what happened to you who did this to you Francesca Montoya why she do this to you because she was attacked me she did do it to me okay she was wicked woman I know her but I don't trust her then she is bad behaviour around my back right she is silly cow but I don't want her go near me again ok let me get you packed your bags come with me in my car put on your seat belt on okay I promise right lets go then to waterloo road we are here to waterloo road right oh my love its ok I understand now I promise I will ok I am your girlfriend yes you are interested to you yes me too I love you so much me too I do kiss me then ok I will oh babe I love you so much I do right lets go to sunset ok I love to right of we go then we are here at the sunset yes it dose oh babe will you marry me yes I will thanks Karen fisher you welcome enjoy it your day wish you luck thank you love form LIZZIE KERR your girlfriend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx