Josh was a pupil at Waterloo Road from Series 5 until final and special appearance in series 8. He's the son of teacher Tom Clarkson, and faces many challenges throughout his time.

The first event which dramatically changed the lives of Josh and Tom was when he came out as gay, and furthermore, attempted to kiss his best friend, Finn Sharkey. He admits it in the cooler and as Tom finds it hard to accept, the school pupils also torment him about his decisions. Eventually, things even out, and he's loved for who he is.

Another example is of an eight-episode spread, including Schizophrenia opened up as a cause of smoking dope. Tied in with this, he meets a boy who makes him feel special, who he thinks he's in love with and loved back, but it turns out it was a lure to get him to continue buying drugs. Eventually he's referred to a physciarist, but he deteriorates and ends up in hospital for a few weeks - put on medication when he leaves.

He's a very interesting character and you can tell that lots of effort was put into making up the storylines. If you where considering buying any series, I suggest series 7 - he gets lots of storylines here.