15, Year 11

Scout joins Waterloo Road in Series 7, episode 7. She liv
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es with her mother and younger brother, Liam (age 4), in a squalid flat on a rundown estate. Her mother doesn’t work and the benefits she receives are not enough to cover the debts. Scout’s father left some years ago and has no contact. Scout provides for the family in any way she can – sometimes by stealing food, doing a paper round, or working for as a courier for the local drug dealer.

Scout is a small and dishevelled tomboy with a quick wit. Potential bullies give her a wide berth for fear of being humiliated by her cutting observations. A modern day artful dodger, Scout knows all the tricks to get out of trouble - spinning complex yarns at the drop of a hat to outsmart her accusers, whether they be teachers, police or fellow pupils. She has bundles of energy and when she washes down packets of Smarties with bottles of limeade, doesn’t everybody know it!

Scout is a match for any teacher and will give them relentless lip, but it is never malicious. Her charm keeps her out of the cooler for the most part. Scout is also a very intelligent girl who scores consistently high marks across all subjects.

Scout’s bravado is a smokescreen. As long as people are laughing at the people she is poking fun at, they are not looking at the tatty state of her uniform or asking personal questions. She is well-liked and is friends with Denzil and Em - but she keeps them at a distance for fear that the poverty of her home life will be exposed. Underneath the child-like antics, Scout is a girl who has been forced to grow up too quickly and take on responsibility for a struggling family.