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Jo Lipsitt is a new Head of Modern Languages. She is played by Sarah-Jane Potts

Character Edit

Jo is  31 years of age. Young & spirited, she is passionate and dedicated to teaching her students French to the best of their abilities, going so far as to read French newspapers in her free time.

After the merger, all the teachers had to reapply for their jobs and Jo Lipsett beat Steph Haydock as new Head of Modern Languages. Steph her predecessor envied her.

Despite her age, Jo is strong-minded in what she does, managing to earn respect from both John Fosters Pupils, Teachers & the staff of Waterloo Road. Jo is middle Class & thus has a traditional ethos for teaching, she does her part and expects the same in return from her pupils. Jo is also a Lesbian, which she 'neither flaunts nor hides.'