Janeece Bryant

I'm miss fisher yes do you get second yes what is it can you get someone picked up who is it LIZZIE KERR down straight okay thank you she was in trouble right I will do that myself 46 tulle street Greystone road CUMBRIA Carlisle come upstairs into my bedroom LIZZIE KERR yes who is it Karen fisher form waterloo road can you let me in please ok oh my god LIZZIE KERR what happing tell what happened to you who did this to you rob why he do that to you because he dumped me with another woman who is it Eleanor yes she is be terrible to me as she now yes cause she is assaulted me she trying to hitting me right let me get your bags packed come with me get in my car get in front okay put on your seat belt on let`s go to waterloo road we are here right just leave your bags in my car right let me take you inside let me take you into my office here we are into my office right do you want drink yes please hot chocolate okay fine we go here is your hot chocolate thank you I will get biscuits for you thanks cream biscuit thank you wow you are very interested woman I know you thank you wait there moment ok miss Bryant yes can you so kind get her lunch please yes miss fisher what she wants to have ham sandwiches and bottle of water please yes thank you here we go ham sandwiches and bottle of water thank you so much you welcome she is stay with me this weekend okay I will let them know thanks suddenly miss fisher your girlfriend LIZZIE KERR xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p s will you marry me yes I will arrangement wedding for us to be happy together yes I will