Izzie (Isobel) Charles is the newborn daughter of Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles. She was born in the 18th episode of the 4th Season of Waterloo Road.Edit

Before Birth

Chlo Grainger, a 17 year old student at Waterloo Road, discovered she was pregnant in the 7th episode of Waterloo Road, with her husband, Donte Charles' baby. While Chlo was horrified to discover she was pregnant, Donte was thrilled, saying this was the best thing to ever happen to them.Edit

Chlo took the pregnancy test 5 times just to make sure. Although she initially intended to abort the baby, one of her best friends, Maxine Barlow, convinced her that Donte had a right to know. Donte was thrilled with this news, making it hard for Chlo to share her views on the baby. She later decided to keep the baby, and then give it up for adoption. This decision caused huge rifts between Donte and Chlo, as Donte was determined to raise the baby as his own and hated the idea of his child calling another man "dad".

After the head of Pastoral Care, Kim Campbell, held a meeting with those involved, Donte stated that he wanted to raise the child himself, even if he had to divorce Chlo in the process. Chlo was so upset by this that she went into premature labour in the girls toilets. With the midwife, Donte and Miss Campbell at her side, Chlo was forced to give birth to their baby in the girls toilets, as the baby was breach.

After Birth

After Izzie's birth, Chlo and the baby were both taken to the hospital, as Izzie was 6 weeks premature and breach. Chlo later realised she loved her child and wanted to keep the baby. She also named the baby Izzie after her deceased mother.

Chlo later went to Manchester University, which she was accompanied by her husband Donte and her baby girl Izzie.