Helen Hopewell is a new Teacher at Waterloo Road as of Series 5. She's played by Vinnette Robinson.

Character Edit

Helen Hopewell is a newly qualified Teacher. She was trained by Max Tyler as his 'best student.' Helen had hoped to be starting her career at John Fosters', altough she ended up teaching at Waterloo Road when the two Schools decided to merge she arrived in Waterloo Road with an enthusiastic shiny-eyed apporoach. Helen was saddened to find out she'd be teaching 'Mixed Ability' Students throughout the school. Unfortunately, she is unable to control a class and has gained no respect among the pupils. She isn't popular among the staff room either, complaining about the Waterloo Road staff & rushing off to make a complaint to Max Tyler. She has been nicknamed 'Hopeless' Hopewell' by Students & Teachers alike.

In episode one of Series Five, Helen finds herself unable to control he class, a fight breaks out as she watches helplessly, until Tom Clarkson breaks it up.

Complaining to Max about all her difficulties working at the school, Helen give Rachel a laptop on why she got the job. Helen throws herself down the stairs and pretends that Michaela White, a known trouble-maker pushed her. Helen realises in the end teaching was not meant for her and she left Waterloo Road for good.