Grantly Budgen is the head of the English Department of Waterloo Road. He has featured as a main character in the show since its first series, and is portrayed by Phillip Martin Brown.

Grantly getting soaked on a Rwanda-themed day.

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The head of English and nearing retirement age, Grantly has had many years to perfect his cynical disenchantment with the teaching profession. He wants life on easy street and is distinctly not impressed with Waterloo Road's innovative policies. He's not in much in favour with the teachers in his English Department either, having single-handedly almost managed to get them all suspended the previous term.

Grantly has found that he's having a midlife crisis believing his wife to be having an affair, and addresses smartening himself up to win her back in a most unflattering manner. However, despite his best efforts, Grantly soon finds himself without both a wife or a roof over his head.

He is angry when he is constantly undermined as Head of England.

Grantly struggles to cope with his wife Fleur, after she is diagnosed with Alzheimers. He proves that he is willing to do anything for her and struggles with her death.

Skip forward, and he has finally allowed himself to fall in love with the lovable Maggie Croft (Melanie Hill).

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====Episode One When new English teacher and deputy head master, Andrew Treneman turns up late on his first day, Grantly is forced to cover for his first lesson. Straight away, he has a distaste for his new colleague. His good friend and colleague, Tom Clarkson is stressed later that day as he has upset his fiancé, Lorna Dickey and his crush, Izzie Redpath has failed to notice him. Therefore he goes to the local pub with Tom and they share drinks. When Izzie turns up to talk to the latter, Grantly goes home to get some marking done. The following Saturday he attends Tom’s and Lorna’s wedding with his wife, Fleur Budgen and gets tipsy.====

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