Episode Twenty of Series Four is the final episode of the fourth series of Waterloo Road. It aired on the 20th May 2009 on BBC One, at 8pm. The series ended after Ralph Mellor had destroyed half the school. 

== Plot ==
This is what the BBC have told us:

"It’s the end of term and everyone is anticipating Waterloo Road being in the final of North West Schools Choir of the Year competition. However, Flick seems subdued and reluctant to draw any attention to the lyrics she wrote for the song. Elsewhere, another disaster strikes as Ralph Mellor turns up at the school. He’s desperate and reeling from being served by a restraining order from Flick. Drunk, he steals a digger from a nearby building site and heads for the school..."

We now know from the preview at the end of episode 19 that Ralph Mellor will destroy the school. It is also known that Melissa will return pregnant with Eddie's child, and that Flick will steal a song to use in the school production.  

== Broadcast Time ==
The episode will be shown  on:

BBC ONE, Wednesday 20th May 2009, 8pm  

== Characters Leaving/Returning ==
This episode will see:

The return of Melissa Ryan, pregnant with Eddie's baby

This is also the final episode for:

Matt Wilding,

Chlo Grainger,

and Donte Charles 

== Images ==