Does anyone know if waterloo road the complete series 5 is coming out on DVD Spring and Autumn have come out but i would like te complete collection

Episode 9, Series 5 (23/12/2009) Edit

Personally, I thought this was the season's best. It was a very different WR episode in that there was no light, alternative storyline. It was all very dark and serious, which helped make it one of the most dramatic episodes I've seen. The courtroom scenes with Lindsay were really well done, and the revelation that Lindsay killed her father didn't seen pointless or desperate, it felt unexpected but exciting. Everyone watching started hating Max even more when he lied to staff and abused pupils, which took his character to new depths. The episode was also unusual as it focused on very few characters. Max, Lindsay, Steph and Jo were the only core characters in this week's episode. I loved this idea because sometimes in WR the multiple storylines get confusing and lose meaning. I was screaming at Philip, wanting him to tell Rachel about what Max did, but it's good to see he'll end his silence next week. Next week's episode is the mid-season finale and it looks brilliant. What do you all think?