When the current Headmaster of Waterloo Road Comprehensive has a nervous breakdown, Jack Rimmer is thrown into the hot seat - very reluctantly. He takes a huge gamble in recruiting Andrew Treneman who promptly clashes with art teacher Kim Campbell. English teacher Tom Clarkson's life is a mess. He's about to be married to live-in girlfriend and fellow teacher Lorna Dickey, but he has fallen hook, line and sinker for Lorna's closest friend - drama teacher Izzie Redpath. Meanwhile, Izzie's daughter, Chlo Grainger, is spending all her time with the dangerous bully, Donte Charles. When Izzie is attending Tom's and Lorna's wedding and falls subject to Tom's kissing, Donte takes Chlo and a couple of friends out for a drunken spin his father's limozine. Andrew and Jack have to leave the wedding reception early to take a care of a break-in at the school where the whole hall has been trashed. Jack proposes they begin to smack down on discipline and the limo spins headlong into a lorry...


This episode got 5.03 million viewers. Cast Izzie redpath Mika grainger Chlo grainger Jamie Leigh grainger To clarkson Loran dickey Jack rimmer Kim cambelle Andrew trenumen Grantly budgun Lewis seddon Donte charles