Davina began her career at Waterloo Road as former Head Teacher Jack Rimmer’s PA, and later became his lover, but when Jack left Waterloo Road Davina threw herself into a teaching assistant role, taking special interest in Asperger’s pupil Karla Bentham. Encouraged by Rachel and Tom Clarkson, she embarked on a course to become a fully fledged teacher. This drew Davina and Tom together but she found it difficult playing second fiddle to the other women in Tom’s life, at first Mika and Chlo and then when he began devoting more time to help fix Rose’s problems. Feeling unloved and undervalued, she decided to leave him and Waterloo Road for good.

Once Davina had an affair with Brett Aspinal and when Steph found out she reported it but Jack didn't believe her and nearly fired her but at the last second Davina confessed all and after a few days Jack finally forgave her.