Adam Deardon was the very first person shown to die in the first series of Waterloo Road. His death happened on the first episode, which showed him in a limo, alongside his sister, Donte Charles, Chlo Grainger and a few other people. They were all drunk and Donte had stole the limo from his father. 

Whilst they were driving, Chlo climbed infront of Donte whilst he was driving, making him unable to see out of the front window. At this moment of time, Adam had stuck his head out of the sunroof of the limo. Donte did not realise that there was a red light dead ahead, and also a lorry coming from the right side of the cross-junction. The lorry crashed into the limo (a result of Donte not being able to see because of Chlo) and injured both Chlo and Donte and, tradgically, killed Adam. 

Afterwords and back at school, Chlo and Donte were blamed for Adam's death by many people, including Adam's sister and at one time, Donte was threatened with a knife in a supply cupboard by Adam's sister and her friends. 

Donte was put on trial at court, because he was driving the car. However, he did not go to prison because the judge knew it was partially Chlo's fault as well. The judge of the court knew the two teenagers had enough on their consience and Donte was let off, which severly angered Adam's sister causing her to break down at his memorial located at the school.